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Bringing talent closer to opportunities…

Getting the right talent is just a beginning.
In today’s competitive scenario the organizations must possess the skills to develop & retain their best performers otherwise there is a huge risk of losing them.

Established in the year 2004, TAG44 believes in providing integrated staffing solutions with meeting the evolving needs as well as priorities of clients & candidates. Our passion reflects from the best talent we provide you within your timelines from our extensive database of 100,000 candidates. We are a contingency based firm providing full time permanent placements across 50 states in U.S as well as Canada.

Being the proud member of American Staffing Association (which promotes legal, ethical, and professional practices for the $91 billion U.S. staffing industry) & Recruiting Life (the internet’s largest staffing community).

Tag44 is proud to assist the clientele from the eleven- different industries. This includes Software/Information technology which brings world to the finger tips, Food & Beverages the industry that specializes in the conceptualization, the making of, and delivery of foods. Accounting & Finance, the power house of the financial information of the company. Life sciences, the study of living organisms. Manufacturing which could be referred as the range of human activity, from handicrafts to hi-tech industrial production. Plastics fit for molding Industry. Automobile, the wheeled motor vehicle for transporting passenger industry. Energy, science of the ability to do work. Solid waste, the recycling industry. Medical, the life saviors & Finally Military & Defense, nation protectors.

For Clients:

If you need the best talent, we provide it. Our dedicated team provides talent acquisition services to fit our clients evolving needs. Though we are 5 years old in the business, but we have achieved what other haven’t achieved in 10 years of their existence. If you want to enhance your present team get in touch with us. read more

For Candidates:

Do you have those ambitions, dreams, skills and high level of professionalism what it takes to be working with the best? If yes, then send your resume for free at job@tag44.com or get in touch with us on our toll free number 1-800-735-8800 and get enrolled for a dream job. read more

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