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We do what we do
because we love doing it!

We do what we do
because we are good at it!

We are good at it
because we have earnt the right to be good at it!

Tag44 Story

Earning the right to be good at it – comes from a very deep desire to make that perfect match. It comes from wanting to help individuals optimize their career possibilities – it comes from having experienced the issues involved with hiring – specially hiring the right candidate – and trying to make a process that traditionally has been a hit or miss type process into a science, minimizing the art, and stacking the odds in favor of matching the absolute right candidate with the right assignment.


We have taken our passion for matchmaking, our talents of leveraging & analyzing data, our predictive algorithms based on proprietary behavioral, psychological and personality testing, combined with a extensive investigation for each candidate considered and using state of the art neural modeling technology, have successfully taken what used to be more of a art and a hope process to a very scientific – quantifiable process – almost like matching DNA’s.

We get immense pride from delivering a product that others cannot and have not – we have a very unique approach to this business – we have chosen to specialize in some very narrow niches – but in those very narrow niches – we can do better than any other. We have :

Built the most extensive database of candidates within the particular domain.
We have the most reach into both the candidate and the employer side of the domain.
We have on staff, personnel with deep experience within the domain, so we know the business and feel your pain and know what to look for and what to avoid.
We understand the nuances, speak the language and know the key attributes required.
We have significant offshore operations that allow us to expend significant time and resources to thoroughly evaluate, test and investigate potential candidates, something that a company not having such resources cannot afford to do – resulting in dramatically more suitable candidate recommendations.
Matchmaking has been fun business for us – we have the ultimate jobs – we get excited about pairing the very best person for the very best job for that person - we have helped candidates discover their true strengths and passions and explore opportunities they possibly never would have and have assisted in them finding the right opportunities – we deliver our shareholder’s value, that they are proud of – and in our own little way, we feel we truly do our bit to make this world a better place for all of mankind.
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