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Connecting Healthcare Professionals to Real-Time Patient Information -

By Thomas R. Cutler, President & CEO, TR Cutler Inc.

OmniVue based in Alpharetta, GA, works with businesses to implement and support both on-site and hosted accounting, financial and customer management solutions.  Better healthcare starts with helping medical staff spend more time with patients. It also involves improving response times using real-time data at the bedside. Flo Healthcare provides the tools to connect healthcare professionals wirelessly to real-time patient information at the point of care using superb design and ergonomics.

Improving patient care and safety is Flo Healthcare’s top priority as the company works with clinical software and OEM business partners to deliver patented, integrated solutions—infrastructure, devices and services—to medical facilities. With 45,000 mobile devices and wireless infrastructure systems installed within approximately 800 hospitals, Flo Healthcare is the acknowledged leader in total hospital and system-wide wireless and mobile clinical workstation installations across the United States and Canada.

A few years ago, management and investors spun Flo Healthcare out of its parent company. They realized the tremendous opportunity to grow the business by helping clinicians spend more quality time with patients through the use of wireless connections. An innovative, focused company could make a major impact on the market and create business value in a relatively short time. But this would require the swift deployment of business applications and the migration of historical information stored in the parent company’s information systems.

Wes Thurmond, Vice President of Information Systems, explained, “The goal was to focus the new company on serving customers and building great products, and we couldn’t afford the distraction of building applications ourselves or of adapting packaged applications internally. We wanted to select scalable software applications that would require very little customization and that would allow us to quickly get our business up-and-running on proven software applications. We didn’t want the risks of managing software in-house and wanted to outsource our applications to a company that understood our business and could help us grow it quickly.”

Flo Healthcare would have to select the applications and have them operational in less than 90 days—over the holiday season. Thurmond noted, “We didn’t want to invest in building IT headcount internally, and we wanted a professionally hosted solution that could immediately make us function like an established company with proven processes and procedures. We didn’t want to re-invent new applications and couldn’t afford the time or cost of heavily customizing applications. We knew there were software applications out there that have evolved over time to address our business concerns, and we knew the successful implementation of enterprise software applications would require diverse skill sets that we did not want to build in-house.”

Thurmond evaluated potential partners and selected OmniVue Business Solutions for implementing and operating the application hosting solution, which consists of Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions—Great Plains) primarily for financial and manufacturing management, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for managing new business opportunities and customer care. OmniVue also hosts Microsoft Exchange and manages e-mail for Flo Healthcare.  “Predictable costs, reliable results and a comprehensive set of services were some of our key criteria in selecting OmniVue to host our business-critical applications. We needed an IT partner we could rely on, and OmniVue provided the expertise and resources we needed to deploy scalable software applications that could help us grow our business,” praised Thurmond.

According to Jeff Pyden, Managing Director of OmniVue, “The financial tools of Microsoft Dynamics GP improve the transparency of a business while enabling organizations to make better, more informed decisions. This application has a long history of reliability and cost-effective operation. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers integrated capabilities for financial management, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting, human resource management and business analytics. It works smoothly with Microsoft Office and other Windows applications to streamline processes across an organization. It has allowed Flo Healthcare to connect financials with operations across its business to analyze performance and capture, process and analyze vital business information so management can focus on key business issues and drive continuously improving business performance levels.”

CRM and Healthcare

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps mid-market businesses like Flo Healthcare build profitable customer relationships, particularly by managing leads and opportunities more efficiently. It includes important features, such as incident management, a searchable knowledge base and a suite of reporting tools. Integrated marketing, sales and service modules enable employees to share information across locations, improving sales success and supporting consistent, efficient customer service. OmniVue has integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Dynamics GP so that Flo Healthcare employees can gain an end-to-end view of customer service.

Reducing Risk Key to Healthcare

Thurmond urged that, “Our business model is based on focusing on managing the core functions of the company, so outsourcing IT functions for a predictable monthly fee allows us to reduce the risk of operational issues. We also minimized the financial risk by selecting proven business applications, minimizing our customization needs, avoiding the capital costs of purchasing dedicated servers and financing the software and consulting solution through Microsoft. Financing the solution allowed us to reduce our initial cash outlay, and the Microsoft applications deliver all the functionality we need today and can be expanded to support the growth of our business.”

Guaranteed Hosting Reliability Vital for Healthcare Organizations

As an important element of its application hosting service, OmniVue offers Healthcare organizations, like Flo Healthcare, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that clearly define services around response times, escalation procedures, application management, database management, operating systems, communications, infrastructure, and hardware. OmniVue takes complete accountability for its hosted solutions, from the hardware and software to the management and client support of the applications themselves. This level of environment management has resulted in continuous uptime.

Disaster Recovery Essential in the Healthcare Environment

OmniVue’s Pyden noted that, “A critical benefit of selecting the application hosting solution is the structured disaster recovery and backup plans embedded in the service. Data is always safe and accessible via offsite backups.“ Taking care of the disaster recovery preparation is central to most healthcare organizations.



Thomas R. Cutler is the President & CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based, TR Cutler, Inc, (www.trcutlerinc.com). Cutler is the founder of the Manufacturing Media Consortium of three thousand five hundred journalists and editors writing about trends in manufacturing.  Cutler is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Online News Association, American Society of Business Publication Editors, Committee of Concerned Journalists, as well as author of more than 400 feature articles annually regarding the manufacturing sector.  Cutler is also the developer of lean technology C.E.O (Continuous Experiential Optimization). Cutler can be contacted at trcutler@trcutlerinc.com.


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