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Our Clients

We believe life sciences companies today are coping with ever-changing trends, including funding and managing the long development cycle for products, responding to the rising demands of emerging countries and balancing the needs of the world’s changing demographics. When combined with their extensive contacts in such specialties as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer health and life sciences contract services and industry knowledge allows us to identify the right executive for your needs.

Life Science Jobs

The explosive growth now being experienced in life sciences can present a challenge to the very quality of research and development that initially fueled the industry. Today, pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech firms face intense demands, Pricing pressure, intensified competition, and pipeline scarcity lead a long list of obstacles that successful companies must overcome. The key to managing this growth is, of course, talented people. We at Tag44 Life Sciences department understand this, because we have been an integral part of the industry’s growth. We are proud of our industry leadership and client relationships in the healthcare services arena.  Our clients and the marketplace have validated our time-tested recruitment approach.

We understand the value of the "people factor" in delivering excellent healthcare and in overall business success. Our Life Sciences division serves research and development organizations in the life sciences industry, specializing in placing key leadership roles in the areas of discovery, development, clinical, and regulatory affairs. In today's highly competitive sourcing environment where quality of professionals is in short supply, companies need the competitive advantage of partnering with a strategic sourcing organization to achieve success.

We firmly believe Healthcare and Life sciences based organizations need to work in partnership with search consultants who understand their field and know how to find managerial talent both globally and locally. The current competitive environment requires high caliber executives to lead the increasing demand for ever better results. We all work with the aim of serving major clients on a regional basis and to draw specialists together to share information and leverage our knowledge in order to deliver the most effective results possible to our clients.

We usually conduct searches for top executives as well as for sales, marketing, R&D, human resources, finance and operations managers. Our dedicated team, with their depth of experience and market knowledge, can help you acquire and develop the executive talent you need.

As life sciences continue to experience radical change in the competitive landscape; strong leadership talent is the differentiator. We have the market leadership in the search for senior executives and directors of key business areas in life science corporations and that is based on practice specialists with years of credible experience. We have a deep knowledge of all areas of life sciences, and have experts, who are able to marry the needs of each client with the individual talents of experienced professionals, to create lasting appointments that add value from day one.

The following positions are available in the Pharmaceutical / Healthcare Industry:

Scientist/Research Scientist
Clinical Project Manager
Clinical Trial Manager
Research Executive
Formulation Scientist
Regulatory Affair manger
QA/QC Manger
Clinical Consultant
Clinical Operation Manager
Clinical Development Manager
Pharma Sales Representative
Medical Director
Safety Manager

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