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Our Clients

Information Technology (IT) continues to break new ground and improve corporate productivity and competitiveness across the world. With global technology spending in excess of $3.7 trillion and a shrinking talent pool, the competition for experienced and future leaders is fiercer than ever before. The Information Technology Industry has continued to adapt to changing global market conditions, expanding into and capturing new business opportunities while moving into new geographic markets. The new leaders must be able to envision a “one world” view of how to apply the divergent technologies that are presently available to everyone. The challenge for these companies is no longer to find talented technologists.

Jobs in Software

We have a longstanding track record of excellence, satisfying a broad range of client staffing requirements including: Consulting, Search, Outsourcing, and Right to Hire. We live in the markets we serve and are immersed in the businesses, people, history, competitors, trends, and standards of compensation most valuable to you. We focus on your specific needs and build customized solutions to serve your business philosophy, process, methodology and objectives. Our technology recruitment model is comprised of specialized practice groups specifically designed to maximize the development of deep resource networks, foster specialized recruitment expertise, penetrate the passive candidate base and consistently produce pipelines of superior talent. With our global reach, we are well positioned to provide you with the same standard of professionalism on a local, regional, national or international level.

Tag44 is a strategic executive search and selection firm for many companies and investors in the Commercial IT and Internet services markets. We provide clients with the dual expertise of experienced executive search consultants who have worked in and served the technology sector worldwide for decades. Our ability to react rapidly, accurately and achieve the results you desire provides our clients with a competitive advantage when seeking and competing for Top Performers.

With our combination of expertise & knowing what’s we have succeeded in recruiting for all levels of management. The recruiters at Tag44 understand the value of the "people factor" in helping to build organizational excellence and achieving overall business success. 

Tag44 recruiters source the following Information Technology/Executive Talent: 

Senior VP and VP
Applications Programming Managers
Applications Programming Supervisors
Applications Programmers
Chief Information/Technology Officers
Computer Operations Managers
Computer Operations Supervisors
Computer Operators - Senior
Data Communications Analyst
Data Entry Operators - Senior
Data Entry Supervisors
Data Librarians
Database Administrators
Database Analysts
Database Analysts - Senior
Information Systems Auditors
Information Systems Auditors - Senior
Information Systems Managers / Directors
Information Systems Operations Managers
Information Systems Security Managers
Network Administrators
Network Administrators - Senior
Network Planning Analysts
Network Systems Managers
Network Systems Technicians
Operating Systems Programming Managers
PC Systems Managers
PC/Microcomputer Training Specialists
Programmers - Seniors
Programmers / Analysts
Programmers / Analysts - Senior
Software Systems Programmers (Mainframe)
Software Engineers
Systems & Programming Managers
Systems Analysis Managers
Systems Analysts
Systems Analysts - Senior
Systems Project Managers
Telecommunications Managers
Voice Communications Analysts
Web Content Administrators
Web Site Managers
Web Technical Administrators
Webmasters - Senior

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