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 File No.  335839
 Designation/Title  Application Developer
  • Help designing an object model and implement NFL web services for CDA (content delivery application) by using provided specifications and wireframes and by using Spring/Hibernate/JPA/EJB frameworks (annotations); create modules that are part of the CDA i.e.: Custom Module, Header module, Content List Module (dynamic & editorial)
  • Implement PHP scripts and deploy applications according to clients requests and expectations; improve overall efficiency in existing applications and services (database updates, cron jobs, code refactoring)
  • Test, debug and troubleshoot applications in PHP/MySQL environment: work with MySQL queries, PHP templates, and with object oriented features of the PHP language (ver5)
  • Implement Java business logic for handling/setting new radios and their packages based on wireframes and business requirements for XM radio: promotional site with radio subscribers and assigning new ones
  • Fix defects and debug existing services including back end (Java) and front end (JSP views, email templates)

 File No.  DC1DAC
 Designation/Title  Director Enterprise Applications
  • Dynamic senior level technology leader with a successful track record of adopting technical capability to produce pro-active, efficient and effective business solutions. 
  • Led team with responsibility to design, development, implement, manage and maintain a suite of division-wide business systems.  
  • Led cross-functional, multi-discipline team to assess, plan, and implement an order to cash process solution.  Result was Project Athena, a $26 Million system upgrade “bolting on” a billing application to existing SAP system.  Projected to provide over $150 Million in improvements to the bottom line.
  • Directed another cross-functional, multi-discipline team to design and implement a $14 Million customization of existing SAP system. 
  • Inspired Enterprise Applications team to complete Individual Development Pl ans and worked directly with each member to ensure plans were executed. 

 File No.  SF0012
 Designation/Title  QA tester/analyst
* Three years of experience in Software Quality Assurance and support environment.
*  Efficient in implementing established standards, procedures, and methodologies.
*   Proficient in Manual and Automated testing- provided an integrated platform for software testing.
*   Experienced testing in a regulated environment, and enterprise wide applications with multiple databases.
Prepared and executed test cases for high-capacity web server software, and database-driven web-based applications.
Extensive experience in writing and executing automated testing scripts (primarily with WinRunner ).
* Ability to identify tasks which require automation and automate test cases.
Profound insight to determine priorities, schedule work, and meet critical deadlines within budgetary guidelines.
*  Good communication, issue finding, solving and learning skills.

 File No.  SF0013
 Designation/Title  QA Manager / Director of QA
 Profile Fortune 500 Manager and Quality Assurance Leader: I have been fortunate to enjoy a classical quality assurance and management career that has included key positions with well-known companies, including Apple, Intuit, Symantec, Nokia, and TiVo. My career path has grown through such positions as Technical Lead, Lead QA Engineer, SQA Manager, and QA Manager for multiple product lines.

Corporate experience/Start Ups: Over the past 18 years, I have been utilizing QA expertise gained within major corporations and Startups in building successful QA Teams and devising testing methodologies that provide the highest possible level of quality in the time available. I have a proven track record of successful projects, improving the software development process, and streamlining operations in a wide range of situations.

Proven Record: I am skilled in all areas of Quality Assurance, including developing operations both in the U.S. and worldwide, building motivated and dedicated teams who consistently meet or exceed their objectives, and consistently improving both the product under test and the methodology used to validate it. I possess richly varied technical background and have consistently exceeded company objectives bringing in projects on schedule and under budget.

 File No.  SF006
 Designation/Title  Field Engineer
Bachelor in Computer Science (I.T), Dec 2008,Overall GPA: 3.20
Windows NT Networking Engineer Certificate, June 1997
Overall GPA: 3.30
Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma, June 1994
Overall GPA: 3.25
Network Administrator
Worked as administrator, opened new accounts, and granted privileges
*Technical support for 50 workstations running different Windows Operating Systems.Perform computer’s upgrade and new installations
*Repaired terminals and add new ones to the networ
Installed new software and training teachers how to use it Solved printing and security problems
Field Engineer
*Fix Desktop and Laptop computers (Hardware and Software)
*Install and support programs (Lotus Notes, MS Office 2003, Outlook, etc)
*Perform security check list (Firewall, Install MacAfee, Win. defender etc)
*Add new computers to the net and register them for internet connection.
*Migrate computers to new Active Directory Domain
*Install and update Windows XP Professional from images on a server
Night Auditor
Balance daily cash and credit card transactions using Time Share Ware and Shift4 software as well as run the night audit.
*Solve reservation problems using AS-400 server.
*Audit and transmit transactions online using Shift4 software

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