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Our Clients
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 File No.  C98CCE
 Designation/Title  Senior Software Engineer
  • 10+ Years Software Development Experience
  • 8+ Years Software Project Management Experience
  • Led software engineers design and implement product based on J2EE and .NET.
  • .NET, Win32, Windows, Vista, J2EE
  • C/C++, C#, MFC, ATL, Java, Perl, Visual Basic
  • COM, DCOM, WMI, ActiveX, XML, ASP.NET, SOAP, Web Services
  • Multithreading, Security, PKI, Encryption/decryption,
  • TCG (Trusted Computing Group), TPM (Trusted Platform Module), TD (Trusted Drive)
  • OOA, OOD, UML, OMT (Object Modeling Technique)
  • SQL, ADO.NET, Access, DBase, ODBC, JDBC

 File No.  71664D
 Designation/Title  Business Analyst
  • 7 years experience in Information Technology working as a Business Analyst.
  • Experience in the translation of complex business concepts / strategies into deliverable product requirements.
  • Understanding of Software Development Lifecycle Engineering (SDLC) techniques.
  • Experience working in an international, multi-cultural environment.
  • Ability to gain consensus between competing groups for the best use of limited resources.
  • Broad knowledge of billing, banking, accounting, financial, customer care and insurance fields.
  • Experience managing multiple simultaneous initiatives.
  • Personal qualities: resourcefulness, responsibility, tenacity, independence, energy, and self-confidence, strong analytical skills, solid business judgment, creativity, and the ability to communicate effectively with executive management.
  • Collaborative team player/leader with extensive customer relations experience and proven ability to communicate with peers.

 File No.  BF379C
 Designation/Title  Senior Web Developer
  • Improve CMS applications for Island Records (audio/video system, news system, maintain code libraries for its websites).
  • Develop Web2.0 websites in PHP, AJAX, HTML/CSS, Flash actionscript  for music labels such as:  Island Records,  Def Jam and  EMI  Records.
  • Build, maintain Flash and AJAX features for Def Jam and Island Records websites, and administer their SQL 2000 databases.
  • Develop customized audio/video FLV players for Universal Music, Island Records, and Def Jam artists with secure Akamai streaming.
  • Work with .NET web services to build Flash and AJAX pages.
  • Responsible for day-to-day maintenance and support of the existing code base, as well prototyping and development of new features and add-ons for existing and new web sites.
  • Responsible with debugging and fixing performance critical web based applications using cache systems.
  • Develop, maintain and support large, high-availability, web based internal applications and reporting tools. Improve, add new features and troubleshoot end-user issues and errors with various content management systems.

 File No.  F95DB1
 Designation/Title  Audio Visual Technician
  • Accomplished and highly successful 8 year career in the Audio Visual field.
  • Conducts showings of various conference rooms and other facilities for customers for the scheduling of upcoming meetings
  • Ensures that various rooms on campus are LAN connectivity capable
  • Configures laptops for internet connection and for LCD / DPL projection
  • Greets customers before the start of each meeting to ensure their requirements are met, such as, room temperature, room set-ups, transportation and faxing/copying documents
  • Maintains a real-time computer help desk for meeting presenters and attendees
  • Works with AMX touch screen controls, Picturel-tel and Tandberg VTC units, robotic video cameras, Scan Converters, and Audio Mixers
  • Prepares reports to keep the NIH Project Officer informed of resources and facility activities
  • Assembles and disassembles audio and video equipment used in conferences/parties by external and internal customers
  • Installs hubs for internet access in conference rooms

 File No.  F62863
 Designation/Title  Web/ Software Consultant
  • Currently supporting Java-based  Business Reporting System which tracks business/client relationships, productivity of financial plan sub-divisions, and other assessments using controlling Java servlets, beans, JSP’s and PHP authentication, forms validation, interacting with MySQL database; Author and launch revised data for  Content Management System.
  • Creating web page templates for web pages such as error pages, events calendar, and general layouts utilizing Javascript, CSS, and cookies, for civic and business web sites  
  • Developed forms, server-side utilities and administrative routines such as Mailings software, Search routines, Bulletin Board applications, written in Perl, PHP/MySQL, Servlets and JSP/servlet classes, on NT and Apache Tomcat platforms.
  • Interacted with client to gather requirements and functional specs for a fund-raiser Auction event; Coordinated design efforts to implement uniform "look & feel" among independent web sites within a national not-for-profit organization, 100BlackMen, Inc. 
  • Previously supported Tax/Accounting application software on Unix/C platform.
  • Environment: Javabeans, JSP, XML, Perl, HTML, DHTML, CSS, FLASH, PHP/ MySQL, JBuilder, Eclipse IDE’s, Weblogic, TomCat Java servers; Linux, Apache servers, Swing UI.

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